Author: Stan Fairbrother

Home Office Project

Take a look at our current home office project, which we have almost completed. Our home offices are completely bespoke to maximise the space you have in your home. Read on for more details…

Cedar Gazebo Exeter

2.4 Metre, Six Sided Gazebo with Slate Roof Our second…

Bespoke Garden Studio

Working from home in a beautiful, dedicated work environment. Our bespoke offices can be designed to create the perfect space away from a busy home.

3 Metre, Eight Sided Wedding Gazebo

Three metre, eight sided gazebo dressed for a wedding! Prices…

Summerhouse with Bi-fold Doors

This 12ft x 10ft Cedar Summerhouse Gloucester with Bi-fold doors and extended balcony is all ready for the Autumn.

Stan Fairbrother Garden

Summerhouses & Garden Rooms by Stan Fairbrother Garden Structures

At Stan Fairbrother Garden Structures the craftsmen skills we use coupled with our minute attention to detail ensure that the summerhouses and cedar gazebos we produce will give enjoyment and pleasure to all our customers for many years to come.

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