About Western Red Cedar

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The Material

The material we use is hand selected premium Western Red Cedar brought in from Canada and Western America. It is taken from a renewable source in managed forests under reforestation programmes. Recognisable by its fine straight grains, reddish tones and pleasant fragrance cedar is our preferred choice where aesthetic appeal, durability and weather resistance are important.

It is a far superior non-toxic material in comparison to other woods used for the outdoors. Unlike pressure treated woods cedar is not soaked in chemical preservatives which require warning labels. Instead, cedars natural durability and stability means it is less likely to crack and warp like chemically treated woods. Making cedar an environmentally friendly, higher quality alternative for a long lasting garden structure.

The Finish

There are various finishing options for cedar. Left alone cedar will age to a beautiful silver finish. On the other hand you may wish to stain your structure to match the surrounding architecture or landscape.

The Roof

The roof, as you would expect is built from solid traditional construction incorporating specially imported cedar shingles. This will give your structure a long lasting look that never dates.

The Base

A good quality base will support your building against stress caused by ground movement. It will deter rot at the base and increase the life span of your structure and investment.

Base construction for garden structures can usually be undertaken by two material means, either by paving or concrete.

For both types of base the area should be cleared of any turf or planting. Excavation should extend below ground level and if necessary the use of a weed suppressant membrane or damp proof membrane should be laid. It is important to remember that your base needs to be level, as gauged by a spirit level. If your base slopes, in theory so will your structure.

Ideally the base should be laid a week before fitting to allow it to settle.

If you need any advice on the best base for your structure please feel free to call us and discuss your options.

Why use Western Red Cedar?

It’s stunning – Western Red Cedar has a rich grain and a striking colour, which makes it the material of choice where a beautiful finish is important.

It’s robust – Being very straight-grained, Western Red Cedar has excellent dimensional stability and endurance. This quality means that it neither warps nor twists, therefore ensuring that the finished garden structure is able to stand the test of time.

It’s hard wearing – Western Red Cedar has natural decay resistance due to naturally occurring oils present within the wood. These oils act as preservatives to help the wood resist infestation by wood boring insects and weather damage.

Its lovely aroma – Western Red Cedar is probably best known for its distinctive aroma. The subtle fragrance of the wood adds another dimension to its universal appeal.

It’s warm – Western Red Cedar cladding provides far superior thermal protection to alternatives such as concrete, brick and stone. This is due to its low density and presence of air spaces within the wood – these unique qualities provide a natural thermostat!

About Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is renowned for its natural beauty and outstanding physical properties that make it one of the world’s most unique softwood species. Its rich and variegated colouring ranges from pale saffron to a deep honeyed ochre that, over the years, gives way to an attractive patina of silvery grey. Its warm colouring is complimented by a uniform, fine-grained texture with a satin lustre

Thuja Plicata (the Latin name for Western Red Cedar) formed an integral part of the spiritual and practical life of the Northwest Coast Indians. The tree was used for constructing the walls and roofs of lodges, totem poles, canoes and utensils. The bark was used for weaving into baskets, mats, rope and clothing.

It is the most natural choice of timber for garden construction as it is life affirming – in other words it looks after itself, remaining sound, solid and beautiful for decades.