Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take from order to delivery?

We reserve time in our Lancashire workshop to create your building on a first-come-first-served basis, which allows us to focus entirely on your structure. We work to an estimated lead-time of twelve to fourteen weeks. Once complete and onsite your garden building will be ready to enjoy in days, not weeks. We will ensure there is no disruption to your home and our small team of craftsmen will hand finish all elements in situ to ensure a perfect fit.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the structure?

Stan will discuss the individual requirements for your structure. Usually we ask for a firm level base to be laid prior to the fitting of the structure.  Preferably, this should be laid no later than one week before fitting to ensure it has settled sufficiently.

Is the wood taken from a renewable source?

Yes.  Our preferred material is Western Red Cedar. We purchase this from renewable sources in managed forests under reforestation programmes.

Do I need planning permission?

There are many buildings and structures that can be built in your garden, which do not require planning permission. These can include summerhouses, gazebos and garden rooms. For information on whether planning permission is required for your structure there are various factors that must be considered dependent on your property. We recommend contacting your local planning authority for this information.

How will my structure change over the years?

We recommend reading our Aftercare page for details of what to expect from your structure as it settles in your garden.  This page also has useful suggestions on design choices to make sure your finished structures looks just how you picture it.

Can the buildings be insulated?

Yes.  We are able to line and insulate all of our structures.  The lining could be with either cedar or ply wood board.  This can be painted or left in it’s natural colour.