Your garden structure will be created using the highest quality Western Red Cedar.

Cedar has a natural stability and durability for the outdoors, however the longevity of the structure will be increased with additional care and attention. Our guide below lets you know what to expect from your structure as it naturally changes and weathers in your garden. Although weathering and natural changes cannot be completely prevented there are ways you can limit the effects. This can be done by careful maintenance and in the design choices you make, depending on the finish you would like.


The Exterior Roof

If you have chosen a natural slate or synthetic slate roof then we recommend frequently removing any leaves or moss and clearing the guttering. These types of roof finishes will not change in colour over the years if they are maintained well. From the interior of the structure slate finishes are not, in some opinion as aesthetically pleasing as shingle roof finishes and our customers often choose to line in interior with either a cedar or a ply board.

Shingle roofs are beautiful to admire and incredibly hard wearing. They require the same maintenance as slate roofs, so we suggest ensuring they are frequently cleared of moss, leaves and other debris.  Naturally, a shingle roof will take in water and although this design will not leak (forming drips or pools of water in your structure) the water held in them will discolor the shingles. This will dry out with the changes in weather and is part of the natural weathering of cedar.

Although these changes will not compromise the build quality or integrity of the structure some of our customers would prefer not to see the changes to the shingles from the interior and prefer to have it lined with a cedar or a ply board. It depends on the finish you would like and how natural you would like your structure to remain.

We are able to add guttering to all of our structures. Either a plastic guttering or a hidden timber guttering with an aluminum and bitumen lining. Adding guttering to your structure will help to remove any water quickly and prevent pools or drips forming on the exterior.


The Interior Roof

A lined interior roof could be your preferred choice if you have chosen a slate or synthetic slate roof, or if you would prefer not to see the weathering of a shingle roof from the interior.

We are able to line all of our structures with either a cedar or a ply board. This can be painted or left in it’s natural colour. If the structure is lined there shouldn’t be any changes to the interior timber caused by the outside elements.

A single skin roof is simply stunning and a popular choice amongst our customers. This traditional roof allows you to see the beauty of the shingles from the interior.

The design technique we use for a shingle roof ensures there will be no leaks (drips or pools of water to the interior). However, this roof type will show weathering on the interior. As the shingles take in water from the outside changes to the colour will be seen from the interior. The wood will always dry out with the weather but the changes in colour are a natural occurrence and cannot be prevented.


The Doors & Windows

Cedar is a naturally more stable wood and is less likely to twist or crack than other timbers. All of our doors are crafted from vertical grain Western Red Cedar

Once built your structure will take time to settle and the wood will expand and shrink naturally with changes in the weather and temperature. This over time will settle down. We craft all of our windows and doors so that there is room for this movement but we recommend again, treating your structure annually and allowing your structure to breathe on dryer days by opening windows and doors.


Colour Finishes

Left to weather cedar will turn a beautiful silver-grey. If you choose to let your structure weather down then we would still recommend treating your structure annually with a water repellent.

You may decide to paint your structure rather than leave it to weather naturally. If this is your preferred choice then we advise our customers to follow the manufacturers guidelines for care and re-painting.

Your structure could also be treated with a clear outdoor varnish, we use Ronseal Crystal Clear.


Finishing Touches

Finally, we are able to create purpose built interiors to your structures.  This could include storage, office space, kitchen areas or seating.  We are also able to prepare your structure for log burners and electrics.

For more information on any of the above finishes and build techniques please call us or get in touch via our contact page.