Terms & Conditions

If you would like to proceed with your quotation please send written confirmation to Stan Fairbrother by email or letter.

The quotation is valid for thirty days from the date sent.  After this date, should you wish to proceed we may need to re-quote for the work dependent on changes to our material costs.

Our payment terms are 50% of the total cost five days before delivery and the balance on completion. For larger commissions we reserve the right to request a deposit at the beginning of the build.

Time in our workshop is booked on a first come first served basis. The scheduled time in the quotation is estimated and not fully reserved for you until we receive your order confirmation in writing, at which point we will confirm the build and delivery date.

A firm level base is required prior to the fitting of the structure.  Preferably, this should be laid no later than one week before fitting to ensure it has settled sufficiently.   We may change the section size of the timber, or use different furniture or fixings if we feel it will better the work we do.

As the structure is built entirely from wood it will change over the years. With changes in the weather the wood will naturally change colour, expand and shrink, even when treated with wood preservatives. During the build process we endeavour to limit this movement as much as possible however we are unable to fully prevent it.

We are always available to give advice on your structure in the months and years after completion. If you notice a problem occurring within the first three months of your structure being delivered, which is of direct result of the build process we will happily visit you to look at and rectify the problem.  If you are concerned about natural movement, change in colour or any other problem due to the outside elements mentioned above and detailed in our care and maintenance sheet then there may be a charge for a site visit and if we are able to, the cost to treat the issue. This will be fully discussed with you and quoted on an individual basis depending on your location and needs.

On acceptance of our quotation you agree to our terms and conditions and understand the information given in the maintenance and care sheet about natural changes that may occur in the timber.

We thank you for your custom and look forward to working with you.

Stan Fairbrother Garden Structures.